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TIF (Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication)
An Effective Solution for Chronic Acid Reflux
Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF) is a surgical solution that corrects the root cause of GERD, an anatomic defect at the gastroesophageal valve (GEV). Inserted transorally using visual guidance from an endoscope, the EsophyX device is used to reconstruct the GEV, reestablishing a barrier to reflux and restoring the competency of the GEV. Because TIF is rooted in traditional surgical principles and is minimally invasive, it offers the effectiveness of a surgical repair with the safety profile of a transoral approach.
A Less Invasive Approach to Fundoplication
Fundoplication procedures have been used to effectively treat patients with GERD for over 50 years. TIF differs from a traditional fundoplication procedure because it is performed through the mouth rather than through laparoscopy or open abdominal incisions. Using the EsophyX device, transoral fundoplication can achieve a 270° valve of 2-3cm in length.
Adherence to Established Principles of Antireflux Surgery
Transoral fundoplication is designed to treat the symptoms of GERD, while minimizing post-operative side effects such as dysphagia, gas bloat and flatulence. The success of the TIF procedure can be traced to its foundation in the established principles of traditional antireflux surgery.
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